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Digital Marketing Workshop in Raipur

Easy Digi Academy Campus, Raipur

26 April

11 AM - 2 PM

Digital Marketing Workshop in Raipur

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a process or activity through which you can promote your product or service or offer to your target audience/client/customer using internet or digital platform. For Example: Google, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram etc.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Chhattisgarh

Whenever we talk about something digital, the first thing that needs to be understood is that it’s something related to an electronic device or the internet. With the advancement of technology, digital India has taken a rapid pace and is growing at a super-fast way. So before finding out what makes digital marketing an important consideration in Chhattisgarh, it is important to understand the industry. The process of promoting various products and services through the online market is considered digital marketing. In layman’s term, it is a great way to promote one’s business by using the internet. The process follows almost all the steps of traditional marketing, excepting the fact that the concept is executed through the hyperspace.

In the modern era, the strategies adopted for marketing have evolved considerably and the requirement based on what the customer is using has changed as well. If you look back, you can see that previously, gadgets like radio and television were widely used for marketing purpose. And till date, advertisement in these media is still one of the best ways to promote one’s products or services. Since the evolution of the Internet, an increased number of customers started using this online boon, and the idea of promoting products online started gaining importance.

What You Can Expect from Digital Marketing Workshop?

This workshop is the perfect way for you to up your game and to learn all the coolest things about digital marketing. You can work with the biggest brands in the world as a social-media influencer, create your own graphics, Facebook and Instagram ads and so much more!

Key Topics of Digital Marketing Workshop:

  • Introduction about Digital Marketing.

  • Scope of Digital Marketing for Business as well as career-option.

  • What is Local SEO?

  • How you can rank your business in Google local result?

  • Why we should care about Social Media?

  • How to Create Social Media Strategy for any business?

  • How to run Facebook & Instagram Ads?

This is the time to invest in yourself and to become the biggest digital media influencer our there! Don’t miss out on it. Digital Marketing Workshop in free of cost but registration is required and we have only 15 seats for this amazing digital marketing workshop. Hurry Up!! and book your seat.

Event Fee: Free*

  • Start Date :

    26 Apr 2020
  • End Date :

    26 Apr 2020
  • Location :

    Easy Digi Academy Campus
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  • Total Seats :

    15 Seats