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Easy Digi Academy is Raipur's 1st Practical Oriented Training Institute. As the state of Chhattisgarh is now ready to kick-start another round of sustainability and development, we aim to spread the knowledge and power of digital marketing to its people. With the most recent mobile and digital technology innovations, we believe in the ‘Make in India’ motto, where we want to help our own people go a step ahead in digital marketing and technology. We aim to encourage and support digital marketing learners in Chhattisgarh and provide them with a platform to improve their knowledge and skills about digital technology.

iOS App Development Course in Raipur

Scope of iOS App Development in India

Popularity of Apple devices across the globe has been steadily increasing with time progresses. No wonder that iOS Application Development has been witnessing increasingly more demand among the global market. Worldwide, there is a huge demand for iOS App Developer in India.

Providing fascinating and robust features as well as completely reliable security, iOS applications have captured in with significant market shares. In 2020, Apple devices and iOS are second only to Android. That’s way the huge scope for iOS App Developer in India

Android App Development Course in Raipur

Our Popular Course

Professional iOS App Development Course Content

  • Introduction to Android
  • Environment Setup
  • Installation
  • Basic Syntax
  • Playground
  • Comments
  • Data Types
  • Variable
  • Constants
  • Optionals
  • Tuples
  • Literals
  • Arrays
  • Dictionaries
  • Print
  • Operators
  • Decision Making
  • Loops
  • Functions
  • Closures
  • Enums
  • Structure
  • Classes
  • Properties
  • Methods
  • Inheritance
  • Initalization
  • Deinitalization
  • Optional Chaining
  • Type Casting
  • Extensions
  • Protocols
  • Generics
  • Access Specifier
  • Any & Any Object
  • Extensions
  • Introduction
  • Cocoa Framework
  • iOS Application Architecture
  • Storyboard
  • View
  • View Controller
  • Controls
  • Advance View Controllers
  • Navigation
  • Interface Builder
  • Understanding XIB
  • Outlets & Actions
  • Passing Data
  • Programittically controlling view
  • Auto layout
  • Constraints
  • Handling Touch Event
  • Handling Gestures
  • Handling Camera
  • Using Gallery
  • Playing Audio
  • Playing Videos
  • Displaying Map
  • Using Segues
  • Springs & Struts
  • Managing Image Assets
  • Multi threading
  • NSOperation & NSOperationQueue
  • GCD
  • NSNotification & NSNotificationCenter
  • Local Notifications
  • Sending Email
  • Sending SMS
  • Introduction Database
  • SQLite Database
  • Coredata
  • User Defaults
  • Upload App to Play store
  • Understanding HTTP request response model
  • XML Parser
  • JSON Parser
  • Setup Icons
  • Introduction to App store
  • Testing an App
  • Publishing an App

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Easy Digi Academy

” I had got to learn a lot of new things in Digital Marketing and the job assistance is really true. Thank you so much for providing this platform. ”

- Ankit Tiwari | Digital Marketing Student

” An excellent institute to gear up your career. Well experienced faculty members. I am very happy with their teaching methodology. ”

- Pooja Sinha | Digital Marketing Student

” One of the best Digital Marketing Institute, friendly environment classes to learn. Thanks to Pankaj sir for being such a nice, motivational & helpful trainer. ”

- Riya Sadhwani | Digital Marketing Student

” I learned many things and faculty here teaches very well. The best part is you can join the Internship here only. They always provide us with different opportunities. Thanks, EDA. ”

- Shanu Dodani | Digital Marketing Student

” EDA has been an enriching experience for me in terms of practical exposure and value that I have received. I have never come across any of the inconvenience regarding my doubts, which I think is commendable. Also, new ideas and thoughts were always welcome in the room. Internship after completing my course has given me a lot of meaningful insights that will help me in the real field. EDA has also introduced me to some ongoing projects that have made me more fluent in my workflow. Overall, EDA holds up the potential to transform students into a substantial digital marketer for the future in the real field. ”

- Yashraj Goyal | Digital Marketing Student
Ankit Tiwari
Pooja Sinha
Riya Sadhwani
Shanu Dodani
Yashraj Goyal