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The future scope of
Digital Marketing course in Raipur Chhattisgarh

The future scope of digital marketing course in Raipur Chhattisgarh is promising. As businesses embrace digital platforms, the demand for skilled professionals and digital marketing expertise will continue to rise. With its ability to target local audiences, promote entrepreneurship, and foster economic growth, digital marketing presents a significant opportunity for individuals and businesses in Chhattisgarh. By pursuing a digital marketing course and staying updated with the latest trends and technologies, professionals can position themselves for a successful career in this rapidly evolving field.

Future Scope of Digital Marketing in Chhattisgarh
Why choose a digital marketing course as a career option?

Why choose a Digital Marketing Course as a career option?

Choosing a digital marketing course as a career option opens doors to a fast-paced, dynamic, and ever-growing industry. The skills you acquire through these courses will equip you to excel in various roles and industries, with the potential for lucrative career opportunities and continuous professional growth. Embrace the digital revolution and embark on a rewarding career path by investing in a digital marketing course today.

  • 01. Expanding Industry
  • 02. In-Demand Skills
  • 03. Lucrative Career Options
  • 04. Creativity and Innovation
  • 05. Constant Learning and Growth
  • 06. Flexibility and Remote Work Opportunities

Who can Learn Digital Marketing Course?

Digital marketing courses are designed to cater to a diverse audience. Whether you are a marketing professional, business owner, student, career switcher, freelancer, or someone seeking side income or career growth, learning digital marketing can be immensely beneficial. It equips individuals with the skills and knowledge required to succeed in the digital age, opening doors to exciting opportunities and enabling them to thrive in the dynamic world of digital marketing.

Students and Fresh Graduates can learn Digital Marketing Course in Raipur

Students and Fresh Graduates

Marketing Professionals can also learn Digital Marketing Course in Raipur

Marketing Professionals

Digital Marketing Course is one of the best option for Career Switchers

Career Switchers

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs can also learn digital marketing course in raipur

Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Digital Marketing course is the best career option for freelancers and digital nomads

Freelancers and Digital Nomads

Digital Marketing Course in Raipur is one of the best earning/income opportunities for individuals seeking side income

Individuals Seeking
Side Income




Special Grooming Session

Every month immerse HR session by dignitaries from top companies of Raipur for aspiring students.

Special Grooming Session

Experienced Faculty

Learn from team of best faculties having 7 years + of experience as professional trainer.

Learn From Expert Faculties

Practical Oriented Class

Learn from Basics till Expert Level with 100% practical on Live projects.

100% Job Assistance

100% Job Assistance

EDA provides 100% job assistance to all student after successful completion of the course.

Practical Digital Marketing Course content details [Updated 2024]

Learn 100% Practical Oriented Digital Marketing Course in Raipur from basic to expert level

Introduction to Digital Marketing

  • 01. What is Digital Marketing?

  • 02. Why Digital Marketing?

  • 03. Benefits of Digital Marketing

  • 04. Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

  • 05. Scope of Digital Marketing in India

  • 06. Starting Salary of Digital Marketer

  • 07. Digital Marketing Course Content

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • 01. What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

  • 02. Understanding Search Engine

  • 03. What is Algorithms?

  • 04. What is Keyword & its Type?

  • 05. What is Google Sandbox Effect?

  • 06. What is On Page Activities?

  • 07. What is robots.txt & noindex tag?

  • 08. What is Sitemap and its Type?

  • 09. What is Canonical tag?

  • 10. How to use Canonical tag?

  • 10. What is 404 error?

  • 11. What is Redirection & its type?

  • 12. Learn about latest SEO tools

Website Planing & Creation

  • 01. Understanding Website Elements

  • 02. What is Domain & Hosting?

  • 03. Learning Website Design & Development Using Wordpress

  • 04. How to Install Wordpress

  • 05. Selection of Theme

  • 06. How to Create Web Pages

  • 07. Adding Content on Web Pages

  • 08. Difference b/w Pages & Post

  • 09. How to set Blog on website

  • 10. Youtube Video Integration

  • 11. Google Map Integration

  • 12. Installing and Activating Plugins

Google Analytics (G4)

  • 01. Understanding Google Analytics

  • 02. Setup Google Analytics

  • 03. Website Tracking & Tracking Visitor Source

  • 04. Key Dimension & Metrics

  • 05. Real Time Report

  • 06. How to Download/Share Report

  • 07. Goal Setting

  • 08. How to create Conversion Event

Google Webmaster/Search Console

  • 01. Understanding Google Search Console

  • 02. Setup Google Search Console/Webmaster

  • 03. Understanding All The Elements of Webmaster

  • 04. Creating Structure Data for Web Pages

  • 05. Understanding of Disavow tool

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

  • 01. Understanding Social Media & Its Benefits

  • 02. Type of Post & Content

  • 03. Social Media Strategy Creation

  • 04. Best Time to Post on Social Media Platform

  • 05. Facebook Optimization

  • 06. Instagram Optimization

  • 07. Threads by Meta Optimization

  • 08. Twitter Optimization

  • 09. Linkedin Optimization

  • 10. Youtube Optimization & Monetization

Facebook & Instagram Advertisement

  • 01. Understanding Facebook/Instagram Ads Structure

  • 02. Type of Facebook/Instagram Ads Campaign

  • 03. Understanding Targeting Methods

  • 04. Understanding Placement on Facebook/Instagram Ads

  • 05. Facebook Budget & Bidding Strategy

  • 06. Adding Money on Facebook Ad Manager Account

  • 07. Creating/Editing Facebook/Instagram Ads

  • 08. Data Analysis on Facebook/Instagram Ads

  • 09. How to create audience on Facebook/Instagram

  • 10. Difference b/w Boost vs Paid Ads

Linkedin Advertisement

  • 01. Understanding Linkedin Ads Structure

  • 02. Creating Linkedin Ads/Campaign

  • 03. Understanding Targeting Methods

  • 04. Linkedin Budget & Bidding Strategy

  • 05. Understanding Linkedin Message Ads

Google Ads/Search Engine Marketing

  • 01. What is Google Ads/SEM?

  • 02. Paid Ads Vs Organic

  • 03. Structure of Google Ads

  • 04. Understanding Different types of Google Ads

  • 05. Understanding Google Ads Rank Algorithms

  • 06. Understanding Quality Score & CTR

Search Network/Text Ads On Google

  • 01. What id Search Network/Text Ads?

  • 02. Creating Search Network Campaign

  • 03. Understanding Ad Extension

  • 04. Understanding Type of Keyword

  • 05. Understanding Budget & Bidding Strategy

  • 06. Data Analysis

  • 07. What is Auction Insight Report?

  • 08. What is Search Term Report

  • 09. What is Ad Preview & Diagnosis tool

Display Network/Image Ads

  • 01. What is Display Network/Image Ads?

  • 02. Creating Display Network/Image Ads/Campaign

  • 03. Understanding Frequency Capping

  • 04. Understanding Targeting Method

  • 05. Understanding Budget & Bidding Strategy

  • 06. Creating Responsive Ads

  • 07. Data Analysis

Video/Youtube Ads

  • 01. What is Video/Youtube Ads?

  • 02. Creating Videos/Youtube Ads/Campaign

  • 03. Linking Youtube & Google Ads

  • 04. Understanding Frequency Capping

  • 05. Understanding Targeting Methods

  • 06. Understanding Budget & Bidding Strategy

  • 07. Data Analysis

  • 08. Types of video ads

Universal App Ads

  • 01. Whats is App Ads?

  • 02. Creating App Ads/Campaign

  • 03. Understanding Budget & Bidding Strategy

  • 04. Data Analysis

Shopping Ads/Product Listing Ads

  • 01. What is Shopping/Product Listing Ads?

  • 02. Creating Shopping/Product Listing Campaign

  • 03. Understanding Google Merchant Center

  • 04. Adding Products on Google Merchant Center

  • 05. Understanding Budget & Bidding Strategy

  • 06. Understanding Targeting Methods

  • 07. How to link Google ads and Google Merchant Center

  • 08. Data Analysis


  • 01. Understanding The Concept of Re-marketing

  • 02. Remarketing Process

  • 03. Adding Remarketing Tag

  • 04. Creating Remarketing List

  • 05. Remarketing on Google Display Network

  • 06. Remarketing on Google Video Ads

  • 07. Remarketing on Facebook

  • 08. Difference b/w Pages & Post

  • 09. Remarketing on Linkedin

  • 10. Remarketing on Quora

Lead Generation For Business

  • 01. What is Lead?

  • 02. Difference b/w Lead & Conversion

  • 03. Lead Generation Process

  • 04. Facebook Lead Generation

  • 05. Linkedin Lead Generation

  • 06. Google Ads Lead Generation

  • 07. How to Generate Organic Leads

Conversion Tracking

  • 01. What is Conversion?

  • 02. Process of Conversion

  • 03. Conversion Tracking Code Setup

  • 04. Facebook Conversion Tracking

  • 05. Linkedin Conversion Tracking

  • 06. Google Conversion Tracking

Content Marketing

  • 01. Introduction of Content Marketing?

  • 02. Importance of Content Marketing

  • 03. Different Type of Content

  • 04. How to Generate Ideas For Content Marketing

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

  • 01. What is Online Reputation Management?

  • 02. How to Create online Reputation of company?

  • 03. Learn Some Tools About ORM

Mobile Marketing

  • 01. What is Mobile Marketing?

  • 02. Benefits of Mobile Marketing

  • 03. On Page Ranking Factors For Mobile SEO

  • 04. Creating Brand Awareness

  • 05. Web Analytics For Mobile

Google Tag Manager

  • 01. What is Google Tag Manager?

  • 02. Setup Google Tag Manager

  • 03. Adding Tags on Google tag Manager

  • 04. Activation Preview Mode

  • 05. Benefits of Google Tag Manager

Email Marketing

  • 01. What is Email Marketing?

  • 02. Benefits of Email Marketing

  • 03. Understanding Elements of Email Marketing

  • 04. Type of Email

  • 05. Designing HTML/Text Email

  • 06. Subscriber List & Database Building

  • 07. Email Marketing Tools & Software

  • 08. Avoiding Spam Filters

  • 09. Creating Email Campaign

  • 10. Creating Automated Email

  • 11. Email Campaign Analytics Report

Graphic Designing

  • 01. Importance of Graphic Designing

  • 02. Learn Tools & Software For Creating Images

  • 03. Learn Photoshop

  • 04. Creating New File on Photoshop

  • 05. Use of Tools & Layers

  • 06. Editing Images

  • 07. Blur Images

  • 08. Save Images on Different Formate

Video Editing

  • 01. Important of Video Content

  • 02. Learn Tools for Video Editing

  • 03. Creating/Editing Video Using Kinemaster

  • 04. Creating/Editing Video Using Powtoon

  • 05. Creating/Editing Video Using Filmora

  • 06. Export Video

Hotstar Advertisement

  • 01. Understanding The Concept of Hotstar Advertisement

  • 02. Benefits of Hotstar Advertisement

  • 03. Understanding Hotstar Campaign Structure

  • 04. Creating Hotstar Advertisement Campaign

  • 05. Understanding Budget & Bidding Strategy

  • 06. Understanding Targeting Method

  • 07. Data & Report Analysis

Quora Advertisement

  • 01. Understanding Quora Ads Structure

  • 02. Type of Quora Ads Campaign

  • 03. Understanding Targeting Methods

  • 04. Understanding Placement on Quora Ads

  • 05. Quora Budget & Bidding Strategy

  • 06. Adding Money on Quora Account

  • 07. Creating/Editing Quora Ads

  • 08. Difference b/w Pages & Post

  • 09. How to set Blog on website

  • 10. Youtube Video Integration

  • 11. Google Map Integration

  • 12. Installing and Activating Plugins

Google Ads Editor

  • 01. Understanding The Concept of Google Ads Editor

  • 02. Installing Google Ads Editor

  • 03. Linking Google Ads & Google Ads Editor

  • 04. Creating Campaign on Google Ads Editor

  • 05. Uploading Campaign on Google Ads

App Store Optimization (ASO)

  • 01. What is App Store Optimization

  • 02. Benefit of App Store Optimization

  • 03. On Page Ranking Factors

  • 04. App User Rating & Review

  • 05. Creating App Engagement

Whatsapp Marketing

  • 01. What is Whatsapp Marketing?

  • 02. Getting Familiar With Whatsapp Marketing Panel

  • 03. Creating Campaign

  • 04. Analytics of Report

  • 05. Creating Contact List

  • 06. Upload Existing Contact Details

Google Adsense

  • 01. Understanding Google Adsense Platform

  • 02. T&C To Apply on Google Adsense

  • 03. Setup Google Adsense Code

  • 04. Allow & Hide Category

  • 05. Generating Traffic

  • 06. How to Apply for Website Monitization

Local SEO

  • 01. What is Local SEO?

  • 02. What is NAP?

  • 03. Ranking Factor For Local SEO

  • 04. Importance of Post on Google My Business


  • 01. What is ChatGPT

  • 02. How to use ChatGPT

  • 03. How to create prompt for ChatGPT

  • 04. How to use ChatGPT for Social Media Caption

Affiliate Marketing

  • 01. What is Affiliate Marketing?

  • 02. Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

  • 03. Amazon Affiliate Program

  • 04. Finding Product to Affiliate

  • 05. How to Create Affiliate Account on Amazon

Influencer Marketing

  • 01. What is Influencer Marketing?

  • 02. Benefits of Influencer Marketing

  • 03. Best Platform For Influencer Marketing

  • 04. How to Become a Influencer Marketing

Become A Freelancer

  • 01. Understanding The Concept of Freelancing

  • 02. Creating Profile For Freelancing

  • 03. Listing Profile on Different Websites

  • 04. Making Quotation For Clients

Print on Demand

  • 01. What is Print on Demand?

  • 02. Understanding Tools for Print on Demand

  • 03. Creating Campaign

  • 04. Running Ads For Campaign

  • 05. Analytics & Report

Introduction to Agency

  • 01. What is Agency?

  • 02. Office Decorum

  • 03. Website Structure For Agency Website

  • 04. Importance of Blog for Agency

The Art of Pitching & Budgeting

  • 01. Understanding Client Requirement

  • 02. Competitor Analysis

  • 03. Creating Presentation For Client

  • 04. Budgeting

  • 05. Quotation making

Client Oriented Strategy

  • 01. Performing Market Research For Client

  • 02. Studying Competition

  • 03. Creating The Actual Service Strategy

  • 04. Selection of Platform

  • 05. A/B Testing

Reporting & evaluation

  • 01. Importance of Report

  • 02. Understanding Growth Hacking

  • 03. Making Report For Client

  • 04. Making Growth Hacking Report

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100% Placement Assistance

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100% Practical Based Session

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Latest tools you will learn under Digital Marketing Course in Raipur

Latest tools you will learn under Digital Marketing Course in Raipur

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Students Reviews on our Digital Marketing Course

Discover the range of Digital Marketing courses available in Raipur, catering to the needs of both students and professionals. Hear firsthand testimonials from our satisfied students to determine the ideal class that matches your specific requirements.

I had got to learn a lot of new things in Digital Marketing and the job assistance is really true. Thank you so much for providing this platform.

Ankit Tiwari

Ankit Tiwari

One of the best Digital Marketing Institute, friendly environment classes to learn. Thanks to Pankaj sir for being such a nice, motivational & helpful trainer.

Riya Sadhwani

Riya Sadhwani

An excellent institute to gear up your career. Well experienced faculty members. I am very happy with their teaching methodology & helping nature.

Pooja Sinha

Pooja Sinha

We've got the answers to your frequently asked questions about Digital Marketing Course in Raipur

Is Digital Marketing Course demo class free?

  • Yes, the Digital Marketing course demo Session is free of cost where we give an overview regarding the course content, teaching methods, and techniques.

Is the course suitable for beginners with no prior experience?

  • Yes, most digital marketing courses are designed to cater to beginners with little to no prior experience in the field. They provide a comprehensive introduction to digital marketing concepts and gradually progress to more advanced topics. The courses are structured to ensure that participants can learn and apply the knowledge effectively, regardless of their background.

Can we come and see your Institute

  • Yes you can come and visit our institute in our institute timings that will be morning 10 AM to 7:30 PM.

Why should I consider a digital marketing course?

  • A digital marketing course equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the ever-growing digital landscape. It provides you with insights into effective marketing strategies, tools, and techniques to boost online presence, generate leads, and increase sales. With the demand for digital marketers on the rise, learning digital marketing can lead to lucrative career opportunities.

How long does the course typically last?

  • The duration for the digital marketing course is 3 months + 1-month internship.

What makes your digital marketing training institute in Raipur unique?

  • The topics would be the same, more or less. The major difference we think we have is Our knowledge delivery method. Our expert trainers have mentored many students and gave fulfilling careers to all of them. Other difference we see is; The way we have structured the course with all required content, videos, templates, checklists, assignments and live experience.

Can I get job placement assistance after completing the course?

  • Yes, We provide 100% job Assistance after competion of course and internship.

Is the course fee inclusive of all materials and certifications?

  • Yes, Course fees inclusive of all the study materials and certifications.

Do we need a laptop & internet connection to start this course?

  • Yes, a basic laptop would be required although the same can be arranged too. We provide free internet at the institute.

What is I miss the digital marketing leacture?

  • You can attend the classes that you have missed in any of the forthcoming batches for no additional charge.

What are your payment terms and what are payment mode are available?

  • You can pay cash, online with a credit card or a debit card, net banking or EMI alternative.

Will we get any support in future if i start my business?

  • Yes. You can have a direct discussion with our faculties and take their expert advice for your business ideas.

We not only train, We also make our students Certified Expert

We cover 10+ Certification under Digital Marketing Course in Raipur

Google Ads Fundademntal Certificate

Google Ads Fundademntal

Easy Digi Academy Digital Marketing Course Certificate

EDA Digital Marketing Course

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Digital Marketing Internship Certificate

Digital Marketing Internship

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