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Why Digital Marketing Is Essential for Your Startup’s Success?
28th Dec 2022
Posted by Easy Digi Academy

Why Digital Marketing Is Essential for Your Startup’s Success?

Startups face the dual challenge of establishing their brand name in the market and doing business against already established business names on the market. For startups, achieving business goals require effective communication of value proposition with the target audience. In order to be successful, leveraging all the valuable marketing resources and technologies is vital to achieving growth, and topping this list is digital marketing. It’s safe to say that in today’s world, digital marketing has become an effective means to promote the products and services of any business, more so for startups. Market research has established that around 17% of startups that fail are due to poor marketing (source: CB Insights).

Digital marketing is cost-effective and convenient compared to the traditional forms of marketing and that make it ideal for startups to succeed in this competitive market. That being said, here are some major reasons that make digital marketing important for startup growth.

Increased Visibility

Brand visibility is crucial for the success of startups these days. You may have a grand business idea or well-designed products or services, but unless people come to know about them, all your efforts go in vain. Digital marketing not only increases your brand visibility and awareness among people but establishes your online presence as well. And with increased visibility, the audience comes to know of your business and is more willing to engage. This not only increases sales and generates profits for the business but also establishes a customer base in the process.

Increased Web Traffic

A major benefit of digital marketing campaigns is to build a lot of leads for the business. These leads are likely to visit your website to find out more about new products and offers and are potential sources for conversion into customers. Digital marketers use various tools to boost the visibility, credibility, and authority of their websites while increasing organic traffic. The kind of tools used depend on the business requirements, Methods like PPC advertising help to generate leads who are more interested to buy from you while leads coming from SEO need to be nurtured before bringing them around to purchase. In addition, you can extend your reach through various other media channels such as email, social media, and more.

Better Connect with the Audience

Another benefit of digital marketing for small businesses is establishing relationships with the target audience. The better the relationship you have with your audience, the chances for your business to succeed increase too. The online market is pretty crowded and extremely competitive, and to retain your existing customers for a long-term commitment, it is imperative for businesses to build a steady relationship with customers. It’s digital marketing that can ensure such a relationship.

For example, one of the effective strategies adopted by digital marketers is content marketing which effectively builds customer engagement and loyalty. The focus is to deliver value to customers by educating and informing them about products and services. These loyal and satisfied customers are often more willing to recommend your business to their friends and family, helping to grow your business further.

Tracking Your ROI

Unlike traditional modes of marketing, digital marketing makes it easy to review the success of a campaign as it runs. This allows keeping a tab on your return on investment by refining your strategies if the campaign performs below par or discontinuing the campaign to prevent making further losses. Digital marketing has become critical to the success of every modern business in today’s world. And for startups, digital marketing levels the playing field by providing opportunities to compete with established names in the business.

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